Take Action!

What we do on land, in our homes and communities, and in our waterways affects our local watershed. Be a good water steward by taking action!

Group photo of individuals with results of beach cleanup

A shoreline cleanup is a great example of how individuals and groups can support a watershed. (Source: Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association)

Be Water Friendly

The Be Water Friendly website for residents of Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall provides valuable tips and information for all Islanders about how to use less water in our homes.

Plant trees

Trees can slow down erosion and delay the release of water into streams, helping to stabilize the quality and quantity of water in the area. If you are interested in planting trees as part of a group, check out the Greening Spaces and Carbon Capture Tree Planting programs to learn about eligibility.

Say "no" to bottled water

Most tap water in PEI is safe to drink. Not only is bottled water redundant, it is water-intensive to produce (not to mention expensive). Did you know? It takes 3L of water to produce 1L of bottled water.

25% of Canadians have "no idea" where their tap water comes from.

Get outdoors

Visit your closest creek, stream or river and look around. The more you see and experience firsthand, the better you’ll understand the health of your watershed. Identify your local watershed group and ask how you can help.