Monitoring Water

Some Islanders are concerned that our groundwater supply is at risk. You may be surprised to learn how little water is used by residents, industry, and municipalities given the total amount of water in our groundwater system.

Government is committed to protecting PEI’s quantity of water for Islanders and ensuring that its supply is healthy and sustainable now and into the future. A monitoring network has been in place for many years to track the quantity of water in rivers and the level of the water table in locations across the province.

On the Level

PEI has 23 groundwater/stream level stations as part of its monitoring network. You too can monitor groundwater levels on PEI using online tools:

View stream levels

View current and historic groundwater levels

Explore real-time water level and discharge - PEI

Graphic of plastic milk jug in water dropDo Your Part

Think about it. Less than 100 years ago, Island families drew their water by hand and were satisfied with 23 litres of water a day (or almost 6 milk jugs).

Today, we just turn on the tap to get water. And, the average PEI family uses about 500 litres of water per day (about 125 milk jugs).*

Did you know household water use in PEI is lower than the Canadian average?

How many equivalent milk jugs of water do you use in your home each day?

Take action to conserve water

* Source: Statistics Canada 2017 portable water use with 2016 Census household data that indicates the average PEI household is 2.3 people.